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This Summer, I'll have the chance to participate in a peacebuilding project that aims to build social cohesion between Syrian refugees living in Jordan and their host communities.


I truly believe that we should be able to break distance, borders, and barriers to promote peace, and through the use of online media platforms, we can actually do that.  Please join me to make my vision of building peace through creativity come through by supporting my #PostforPeace campaign.


It would mean a lot to me if you can help me fly there to participate in the project. Your donation whether it's large or small can make a real difference to help my vision of building peace come true.

Your virtual participation will not go unnoticed. In return for your support, I'll do an Instagram photoshoot for you if you are based in NYC and will feature you in my online visual journal dedicated to this project.

You are more than welcome to share why you support this project so that everyone, along with the youth living in Jordan refugee camps can hear your support despite the distance and barriers. I will directly contact you to schedule the photoshoot and interview you too. 

However, if you're not in New York you are also welcome to share your photo or video story to me through emails an
d I will make sure to include them as well.



I want to be able to bring the story of young Syrian refugees in Amman closer to the people that live thousands of miles away in cities like New York or LA, and I want them to hear your support too.  


Scroll through the gallery to find out more!


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